Veruschka’s Shoe Bibliotheque
All set to enthral LFW Winter Festive 2011

VERUSCHKA- An aesthetic couture shoe brand will unveil its eclectic collection themed Shoe Bibliothèque for the upcoming LFW Winter Festive 2011.

Veruschka has the right of way this season, as it trail-blazes the ramp with energetic and colorful designs. The collection Shoe Bibliothèque takes its cue from diversities that exist in the charming city of Paris.  It draws inspiration from the fashion archives of Paris, which contribute to adding a contemporary twist to fashion that nonetheless manages to look timelessly chic.

Veruschka brings its “back-to-fabric” mentality this season. The delicateness of satin adds a feminine touch; punctuated by metallic power that adds sheen to the wardrobe of the feet. Multi coloured platforms and high counters add an accent that celebrates current trends; an element never missed in a Veruschka shoe.

It’s all about colour this season, with the collection being defined by arresting prints and bold hues of orange, teal, burgundy, and passion red in flowing satins yet sharp lines. The collection is fuelled with metallic leathers with mirror reflect; in gold, pewter, red and coffee striking a balance that any pair of feet would drool over.


VERUSCHKA shoes are about vertiginous heels and passion for footwear.  Each shoe is crafted keeping both comfort and style in mind. As Maestro Payal states, “Along with the aesthetic appeal of the shoe, the interior composition and comfort is equally important”. The brand is known for its’ use of unique fabrics and metallic detailing in peep-toes and pumps. The silhouettes are clear cut and finished to perfection.

In our design studio we create one-of-a-kind custom-made accessories for niche clientele alongside a new collection every season. Veruschka produces each shoe, one at a time, with each shoe being a unique piece of art. “We do it the way you like it!”

Payal Kothari, The Designer, has always been hands-on in her creations to the extent that she looks over everything from design to concepts, product placement to client partnerships. Her work is an expression of herself, her style and her passion for high-heel footwear & innovative designs.

She has been involved in the design and manufacturing of footwear since 2002. She mastered the technical art of accessory design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. Her apprenticeship with 5th Avenue brands like Nina Shoes and Delman, acquired her shelf space with repute stores like Bergdoff Goodman, Bloomingdale, Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s.

She arrived in Mumbai in 2005 and launched VERUSCHKA. Her footwear is handcrafted and keeps pace with International fashion trends. Payal continuously reinvests in articulate shoe making skills to give her clients a great product and experience; she recently studied advanced shoe-making under the Grand Maestros of shoe making in Florence, Italy.

Shubha Sethi, Partner at Veruschka, always had a fetish for shoes! Her insatiable interest in owning a unique pair of shoes led her to Veruschka. Her instant connect with Payal and similar outlook brought the two shoe aficionados together into this partnership. Shubha brings in a fresh perspective from the clients’ and business point of view. Shubha looks after Business development, while Payal handles the creative aspects. Shubha helps Veruschka with its brand building, executes on strategies and manages public relations.

VERUSCHKA on the Ramp: VERUSCHKA shoes have walked the ramps with designers like Pria Kataria Puri, Anita Dongre, Rina Dhaka, Surily Goel, Nikasha, Payal Singhal and James Ferriera. Payal also created a shoe line for Manish Malhotra’s Spring Summer Lakme finale show and for Vikram Phadnis’ opening for Wills Delhi Fashion Week in 2008.

Press: Payal Kothari was chosen by the G2 magazine as the Women of Spunk and Style along with other notable personalities. Her work has been featured in several publications like India Today, Elle, Verve, L’Officiel & Shoes & Accessories magazine to name a few.

Where to Find VERUSCHKA: Currently, Veruschka retails through reputed design houses like Aza, Mogra, Amara, Cypress and Sobo. Veruschka also has presence at Evoluzione (Bangalore and Chennai), Soh-Koh (Chandigarh), Aura (Nagpur) and Anmol (Sri Lanka).