The confluence of the subtle Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh and the intrepid Paithani from Maharashtra.
The tale and journey of Designer Vaishali Shadangule from being a small town girl to showcasing at the fascinating Lakme Fashion Week has been a long, but most importantly a truly inspiring story

Vaishali strongly believes, Life in India is full of multiplicities! Primitive and modern, avant-garde and traditional; all co- exist in the same time. Here in a day’s span an individual could traverse across centuries! And these multiplicities of the external world are reflected in the internal world of an individual. Today an individual’s personality is a complex matrix of various mutually conflicting aspects. The juxtaposition of very different, often conflicting dimensions of life, are the inspiration of her present collection.

 Vaishali always works on her instincts and her own life experiences. Her present collection is an attempt to find an aesthetic form of the play of the multiplicities of life – external and internal, social and personal, displayed and concealed, transient and indestructible. And she interprets this as “DANCE OF DUALITIES” in the form of juxtapositions of CHANDERI and PAITHANI.

Here the soft transparency of Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh is juxtaposed with the colourful boldness of Maharashtrian Paithani. While the Chanderi reveals the concealed inner core, Paithani presents the exterior aspects of life. Moreover silhouettes of the garments are inspired from the Indian traditional drapes like- Saree, Dhoti and kashthaa (nauvari) ,where each garment showcases a different drape in a unique way in just a single piece.

Vaishali states: “Being selected for the second consecutive season is like a dream come true. This time around my collection will depict a confluence between two Indian crafts Paithani and Chanderi with my unique contemporary touch, but I have made sure the fabric’s essence and original weave stay intact.”

Vaishali envisions to  expand the unexplored and limited market of ‘Paithani’ .Her garments see a lot of the  running stitch ,connecting Chanderi with Paithani and the tradional Maharashtrian nose ring-nath and phundey ‘will be intricately embellished on each garment to add that singular Indian touch which aptly represent her designs.  

The USP of the garments is the perfect blend of a traditional and contemporary look. It is a combination of unique silhouettes in pure fabrics with long tunics, contemporary sarees, and drapes beautifully embroidered with Asavali, Narli, parrot, peacock, lotus motifs. The color Red plays a central part in all garments with blue and off-white rounding the palate for this season. The look will be completed with Chanderi bags with amazing motifs.

Paithani is known for its bold, colorful, and traditional motifs on glossy silk fabric. It is used exclusively as a Saree in the MAHARASHTRA region. Because of its steep cost and labour intensive nature it has very limited consumption.  Traditional expert Paithani craftsmen are shifting to other professions for survival.

Vaishali Shadangule-Profile
The motto ‘If you can dream it, you can achieve it’ truly epitomizes the journey of eminent designer Vaishali Shadangule and her brand Vaishali*S.
Hailing from small town Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh, Vaishali’s journey into fashion has been inspiring. A Science graduate, she moved to Mumbai to pursue her dreams of becoming a designer. Her commitment to her one-of-a-kind vision of creating contemporary designs from Indigenous hand woven textiles has borne fruit through her stores in Mumbai.

Vaishali states, I knew I had the design sensibilities and aesthetics but honing the skills, acquiring the right fashion education and launching my own label has truly been a tough path.”

Vaishali’s collection includes contemporary and traditional Indian wear, Indo-western and western wear. The label stands for a modern attitude, comfort and innovative style that blend the modern with the vastness of Indian textiles. Besides designing for her label, she also has licensed her label and designs to retail houses.

Vaishali was one of the few designers who with her penchant for contemporary design made the cut to showcase her design at the Lakme Fashion week Summer Resort 2011 in the Emerging Designers Category. She received a big thumbs-up from all big names in the fashion fraternity. Her Summer Resort Collection called the ‘Virus Free’ represented childhood memories. After rave reviews Vaishali garnered for ‘Virus Free’, she is going to be showcasing at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2011 with ‘DANCE OF DUALITIES’ in the form of juxtapositions of CHANDERI and PAITHNI.

Vaishali currently runs a store successfully at Juhu Tara Road under her own label and is in the process to open up a store in Delhi, The Gallery Mall, M.G. Road, Gurgaon.