Terence Lewis Initiative – ‘SMOKESCREEN’ … Come UNDONE

Mumbai, June 2010: Terence Lewis and Dance Company is extremely proud to present the 4th graduation performance of the professional dance course which is a partly funded scholarship in dance offered by the Terence Lewis Dance Foundation Scholarship Trust – TLDFST.

This graduation performance is a Contemporary- modern dance performance presented by the students who have trained in the contemporary & modern dance forms for the last 3 years. The students have been working on their graduation performance since almost six months now. An evening of creativity at its best – a mélange of movement, dance dramaturgy, making you laugh, question, wonder, cry, an emotional catharsis, juxtaposed with everyday banality.

The Mentors are responsible for choreographic inputs, the structuring of the pieces, creative Ideation and Technique execution of the themes, training the dancers. They also had Mr. Nakula Somana coming in to guide and coach the students especially for this production.

An excited Terence Lewis states, “This performance is different compared to Catch 22 of last year in respect to, the approach and expression of movement, the thought processes and the varied thematic concepts. Then over all treatment and tonality makes SMOKESCREEN distinct from the previous graduation performances.”

This batch of the TLDFST year – 2008-2011 has many a different stories to tell. This is the first batch with married girls who have been a part of the 3-year training process. Gargi & Sonia, seeing them from their single days to attending their weddings and adjusting to a brand new phase along with the training and the demanding grueling long hours. From the supportive husbands and in-laws who have made sure the girls follow their dreams and turn them into reality, setting an extraordinary benchmark for the society today.

Aditya, a boy with a severely injured back, worked against all possible odds, graduating today fulfilling his life’s dream. Having already finished his studies and being a little older than his batch mates, he had an additional obstacle to contend with – a severe back injury, But with an iron will, long hours of physiotherapy and the constant support of his teachers, he has achieved the impossible. Watch out for Aditya as he owns the stage in one of the most physically demanding pieces of the performance. An exceptional example of determination that nothing is unattainable if you truly work towards achieving your dream no matter the odds you face.

The TLDFST also proudly presents to you Deepak and Shivraj, both from the St. Catherine’s Home and a resident school for street children in Bandra. These brothers have adjusted to a whole new lifestyle and thought processes. Coming from extremely difficult backgrounds, just seeing this scholarship to its fruition has been a challenge. Not only have they seen it through but have passed with flying colours! Watch them dance their hearts out as the SMOKESCREEN goes up!

The strength of the next batch of the TLDFST scholarship is of 23 students and the auditions for this year are in progress. Students pour in from all over India and Abroad out of which only 25 students will be selected after rigorous rounds of dance auditions and interviews.

A contemporary-modern dance performance, the 4th graduating Batch of 2008-2011 of the TLDFST,  presents to you a night of great dancing and movement, a performance that brings to you 19 young lives that come together in the banality of everyday life. One colour, one face hiding feelings, fears, illusions, equations and madness. The smoke detectors are on… Live in your skin, shed your Poker face… Can you look beyond the SMOKESCREEN…???

Venue: St Andrews Auditorium Bandra (West).