Venue– Grand Hyatt Mumbai

Is the title new?? Is it different?? Well it surely isn’t for Sabah Khan! She goes back to her roots and surely represents her various beliefs, ideas and opinions through her new collection TUK TUK, which envisages the core of our country.

A young and upcoming designer from the Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) which emphasizes on promoting design education across the country, Sabah Khan, states, “Earlier known as ‘Tangewallas’ and today referred to as ‘Rickshawallas’, they have been the lifeline of common man in India. Yes, they’ve been there, even after the vast upgrade in technology. Even before buses, railways and taxis, they always come to our rescue. My new collection is all about these Rickshawallas! A collection dedicated to the common man and especially new aged flamboyant youngsters. It is full of utility, just like my previous collection.

Sabah Khan realized their importance idling on one of her blue days. Taking forward from her previous collection ‘No Class’ which was inspired from lifestyles of people dwelling in slums of Dharavi, this new collection draws from similar strata. Traveling various distances relating to work and not able to get a ride caused confusion in her mind. Over that, shortage of money lead to a torturous visit to the ATM with a long line… all troubles showed up on the same day! But there was one person supporting her all along her nightmare. It was the hardworking Auto-rickshawalla and his Auto. Creative minds surely have a trait to make the best out of their worst days also. And just as usual, Sabah Khan is now ready showcases her new collection ‘TUK TUK’ after fearlessly attempting the unusual with her first collection, ‘NO CLASS’.

The earthy colors of uniforms, the bright colored wallpapers on the inside of the Rickshaw, the prominent curve of the vehicle and the simplicity of the Rikshawalla have been incorporated very finely in Sabah’s new collection. She has combined the cuts and fabrics worn by our ricksawala’s with new designs and trends.

Fabrics used throughout the collection are linens, synthetic and pure, stretch linen leggings, digital prints of Tuk-Tuk on linens. It is a key piece collection even though they are 16 ensembles to choose from. You will have a wider range as each piece is individual. For instance, bikini, hot pants, dhoti dungarees, waterfront waistcoats, t-backs and much more to chose from. It is apt for the summer, as it will give the wearer that uncommon edge and funk! These pieces can be teamed with existing pieces in your wardrobe as well.

Being a design student from INIFD, Andheri W and a graduate in psychology, Sabah Khan has always used her knowledge to go to the depth of each character she’s working on. She has made genuine efforts to bring out its true and flamboyant colors in her work.

Sabah emphasizes, INIFD has supported me from my GENNEXT days and subsequently for my endeavors that resulted in an appreciation letter from Prince Charles’ office. They have given me the appropriate education, training and guidance that has helped me to be here today! I am proud to be a brand ambassador for INIFD.

With TUK TUK, Sabah has given life to her creations with the grace of fabric, colors and designs. This one’s ready to break all signals and cut out the slack in everyone’s minds at the Lakme Fashion week Summer/Resort 2011!!